The little things

Coming into hospital over 3 weeks ago I never imagined I would still be here, the last week or so has really shown that it’s the little things that can make or break a day and sometimes it is easier to take the big news in your stride.

10 days ago I was moved on to TPN feeding through a PICC line in my arm – there is no service for getting it in the community in my Trust, we had an exciting 24 hours thinking I might get transferred to Belfast but it seems the waiting list is huuuuuuge. Although feeling much better (getting LOTS of nutrition) I am grounded here until the surgeon returns.


The good news is home leave was granted – this is a few hours out of hospital to return to the real world and remember it is still going on outside these four walls and the perfect excuse for a Starbucks! Home leave has become the most looked forward to thing but also a great cause of stress when things do not go to plan and you can see the minutes ticking away..



I have been moved rooms at least 6 times since I came in – you hear many people’s stories, even had a few nights beside a professional opera singer. Sometimes you have to make the best of a situation, we have introduced movie nights and board games to pass the time away. A highlight was the novelty of getting post straight to the ward although I am beginning to feel like a permanent resident!

It seems there is going to another few weeks in hospital and there might be enough paint by numbers to start a gallery by discharge but I am off to negotiate my next home leave!




6 thoughts on “The little things

  1. Thoughts n prayers are with you. Keep your chin up. If you need any books let me know. Regardless of your preferred genre I’m sure I’ll have something that’ll fight the boredom. How about cross stitch? I’ve all the bits n bobs if you want to give it a go. I also have fresh unused in the packet ear plugs if you need them, just in case any other operatic occupants appear. X


  2. Sorry I missed you yesterday. Your home leave coincided with my visit. Brought you an ice pop too. Nurses have it stored somewhere!! Maureen


    1. Thanks Maureen, I heard you had called. Sorry to have missed you. Surgery is now planned for Monday! Hopefully see you again soon!


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