What a week.. 

On Sunday I was given the statistics 

1. 20% of people will need an ng tube drainage tube (google it – they are as awful as they look) 

2. 5% of people will have a complication that requires emergency surgery

3. A very small percentage (1-2%) will develop a sepsis infection. 

In true Janette fashion I hit the bingo and did all 3 in just over 48 hours. 

On Monday the surgery went the plan, no big surprises with an outcome we had hoped for. If I had of realised the pain tho I’m not sure I would have gone in, I even got out of bed that night.. Tuesday I was out of bed and walked to the end of the ward twice, could see the big lights of home ahead! 

Things changed on Wednesday- temperature spikes, crazy heart rate and breathing had the doctors worried. I got rushed down for CT scan, the kind of one they don’t wait- everyone just walks really fast! 

Now in Janette fashion this would never be a simple process, firstly the bed got stuck coming out of the lift as it hadn’t come down properly – agony! I insisted we took a different lift back. Got to the scanner, somehow managed to get it in through a blur of pain and drugs. Only for the scanning programme to fail half way, so that needed a system reset while in stayed stuck inside. 

After than I was shortly whisked for surgery. I know the NHS can be slow, I know that more than most- I’ve been here 5 weeks but when I needed them most on Wednesday they didn’t let me down.. My surgeon dropped her clinic list to someone else to give me the the best outcome, (she’s the specialist and emergency one would have done it but is a general surgeon). 

The rest of the week has been a blur, every time i have looked at my phone there has been messages etc. Ps sorry if you were one of the people that got middle of the night replies- I seemed to have lost my concept of time! 

Thankfully this stage I seem to be getting over the infection- the road ahead is still long and no mention of home but least I can say I have come this far.. 

On a side note.. 

When I was getting a central line inserted on Friday evening for yet another rock and roll Friday night- I was nervous! Partly pain, partly the fact i HATE things touching my neck! I was in a morphine haze but holding a total strangers hand that night had so much reassurance, I don’t remember her name and will never recognise her in the street- it made me think of all the nurses out there, doing a tough job with little help at times but the power to make a big difference


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