Change.. Part 1 

In the last few months there has been quite a lot of change and there is more coming and I haven’t quite decided if I’m a fan or not.

After surgery I decided to stop the travelling back to Derry for appointments and make the move to Belfast. For many people a hospital visit or seeing a consultant or even the GP is a rare and infrequent occurrence but for me I’ve seen the medical team more than some of my friends over the last year!

Leaving the security of people I knew and trusted was difficult but when you aren’t feeling well the last thing you need is a 70 mile trip.. I’m still getting used to how the system in Belfast works- it’s just different and feels a little like starting from scratch again.

You build up a relationship with the medical team -they know the craic. My consultant was fantastic and could list off everything that had happened without going anywhere near my notes, she let me try every possible option as she knew my reluctance to have surgery. We made decisions together.

Over the last year one of the main things all the change has taught me is you need to take some responsibility in your care. Here are a few I’ve picked up along the way:-

1. I’ve got a new baseline- if I can’t tie my shoe laces I know a hospital visit is necessary!

2. Sometimes you know it’s worth the arguments to stay at home.

3. When they say you’ll just be in hospital for one night, they lie! – you can still be there more than 40 days laters!

4. IBD nurses are worth their weight in gold.

The changes and the roller coaster of illness makes you see things differently.. Life becomes a little different but sometimes you just have to embrace the change. 


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