More change is coming.. 

Today starts the last few days in my current job. My contract ends on Thursday and to be honest I’m not sure how I feel about it.

18 months ago I started as a relief staff for 5 months. I’ve been really fortunate to move around to different roles and stay longer than initially planned. It’s been a job I have loved!

My roller coaster Crohn’s journey started during this time and some of the best people just jumped on the crazy ride with me. My friends in work have been there for the days I probably should have been curled up in bed, the throwing up, the ng tube and the meltdowns when I found out I  would be going back into hospital again just to name a few (there has been lots of fun and laughs too!)

It’s fair to say many employers would have given up on me at least six months ago- I wouldn’t have blamed them. In comparison to what I’ve been through I haven’t actually taken much sick leave- really a mix of stubbornness, determination, stupidity and a love of what I was doing kept me getting up everyday. It took being stuck in hospital or physically not being able to get there post op to stop me going in.

This week one door closes however I’m fortunate that I have already secured a post to move onto. I’ve made the decision to go part time for a while and give myself a break. Sometimes the biggest expectations we have are on ourselves, I just have to keep reminding myself I had two major operations only 15 weeks ago.

For my new post I was asked to fill in a dreaded health form- it asked for hospital admissions in the last year.. I’ve had 8 mounting up around 100 days. Seeing it on paper is crazy! My new employer still has to learn I’ve Crohn’s Disease, how will it affect me in my new post? – who knows! But I’ll keep trooping being as positive as I can, it’s amazing how far some determination can get you!

To finish off here is a picture of going purple for World IBD day. It meant a lot seeing the support and having people who have been willing to jump on this crazy ride with me! 


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