Surviving it…

Tonight I came across this.. 

At a job interview this week one of the questions was ‘what is your biggest achievement in life.’ I stopped for a second to think but inside I was dying to blurt out surviving it. 

Illness gives a new perspective on things- I quickly tried to think back about everything I have achieved but for me the fact I was sitting in front of that panel after the crazy year probably was the biggest achievement. 

Before going to the interview I was commenting to my mum about the scar on my neck from the central line. We decided after everything that’s happened really an interview was nothing. 

I didn’t get the job but it has made me think.. Maybe I’ve accomplished a lot more this year than I realise, it might not be the plans I had or the achievements I wanted but I’m surviving it! 


4 thoughts on “Surviving it…

  1. Now you’ve got me wondering how I would answer that question in an interview situation??!!

    Perhaps if you are ever asked it again you could answer it ‘honestly’ and expand your answer by telling them about how you believe that you have grown and developed as a person through adversity? You could maybe talk about an increase in empathy, sensitivity, compassion, the ability to connect with others, a sense of what’s really important in life, the concept of post traumatic growth, or whatever qualities you think would be most relevant to the post that you are applying for.


    1. I’ve thought about the question a lot since then.. I did give an answer based on having Crohn’s and not letting it hold me back, cause it was sprung on me I panicked- I could have answered much better. It’s definitely a question I would be more prepared for if I was asked it again.

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      1. Aye – I had a similar reaction a few years ago in an interview when I was asked how I coped with stress and I was caught completely off guard by being asked something that felt really ‘personal’ but it is of course a very sensible question to ask – I stuttered and stumbled and said ‘I pray’ and then looked blankly at them while they waited for me to give them ‘more’!

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