A month ago I went off work.. Guess what?? I survived it and I’ve loved it.

So many people have told me to take time off, I made EVERY excuse possible to avoid it but I admit that all those people were right.

My job came to a natural end and I had planned to launch straight into a new post however some uncertainty and concerns over medical forms meant it was delayed.

The last month has been a real mixed bag, while my Crohn’s is finally starting to play nice my body has been a bit hammered over the last few months and some other parts have decided to join the ‘let’s get sick club’

Time has meant I have got to do things I’ve enjoyed. I got around to finishing my painting (check it out below). 

Having new complications is frustrating, sometimes it feels like I’ve a hotline to my doctor and that I should just book a permanent seat in hospital. 

When tough things happen it’s ok to have the pity party- balloons, cakes and banners if necessary but what is most important is to pick yourself up again, find a way to deal with it, tell people how you feel and just keep going, one day at a time! 


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