Dreaded tests

I thought for a while before posting this blog and I talked to a few people. We came to the conclusion that if it’s going to be an honest account of a Crohn’s journey then the tests that are endured are a big part this this!

If you have IBD, it’s suspected or any kind of bowel problems causing concerns then it’s likely you’ll get called for the dreaded colonoscopy. As someone with Crohn’s you have to get over it quickly as it seems doctors do like to have a look on the insides and quite frequently at times.. (For more info – google it!)

To prepare for the test it starts at least a day before with the most foul tasting prep.. Moving health trusts I’ve found each has their preferred brand.. In Belfast in involves 4 litres.. It’s the worst tasting vanilla I’ve ever come across.. And incase you didn’t catch that 4 LITRES!! 

The procedure happens in a hospital endoscopy unit. Thankfully the experience has been with lots of lovely staff who realise it’s the last place you want to be! 

Most people choose to get sedated.. Because I have loooong list of allergies and like to add to them frequently (and cause I like to think I’m hardcore). I opted for just gas and air and it is doable! For anyone facing the impending doom of the test, it’s never going to be pleasant but it is bearable! 

Because of my long list of allergies in hospital I have the ‘special red band’ now and an anaphylaxis box that follows me around – just incase!

Once it’s all over you get a spell in recovery and some much needed toast, it’ll taste pretty good after the fasting! 

Today I hoped someone would tell me my Crohn’s was in remission, that it was no longer active! Sadly that wasn’t the case, the disease is still going strong and is as stubborn as ever. The journey continues… 


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