Getting back up.. 💪

Last week was rough- I learnt the extend my Crohn’s was back, had to withdraw from a job offer and was hospitalised with a pretty serious infection (urosepsis sucks!)…

This morning I had a choice, I’m still getting over the infection and I could let the bad news drag me down for another week or do something positive and what better can you do than book a holiday!

In hospital over the weekend I had been pricing abroad but decided with my track record to stay in the NHS so London it is!

I’ve always wanted to see the lion king so it’s booked and I’m excited!

Just after surgery a friend sent me this picture and it’s true, sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and carry on.. Really what is the alternative! 


2 thoughts on “Getting back up.. 💪

  1. So sorry for you Jeanette, it sure is a rough road. But there is hope! Others have travelled that way and good times will come again. You may just have to make some adjustments in life to get there. You need others around you who understand, journey with you and encourage you. When you are in a better place other jobs will come your way. Promise! God is good!

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