Time flies! 

Today is 5 months since my first surgery (the second was an emergency two days later!). It’s crazy how quick the time flies..

When I went for my first surgery I was on day 30 of my hospital stay, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get home, there was nothing I wanted more than my own bed and I literally would have done anything to get out of there.

If you talked to me the day before my first operation I would of told you that it was major but my honest expectation was I would be back to normal 2 weeks later.. The reality is my body is still getting over it and still trying to find the new normal.

The picture below was shared during the week, it’s a good reminder that it’s ok to just stop, take time and recover.. Now I need people to keep showing me this daily 😂😂


One thought on “Time flies! 

  1. All of what you say is true; any kind of healing from major trauma takes time, whether that is physical, emotional or spiritual. Allowing your body time to heal is an investment and makes a lot of sense. ❤️


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