Getting injections has become a regular thing. It always causes apprehension for me and the nurse giving it when my list of allergies flags up on screen. 

The last year Ivs and injections have become a regular part of life, some I get in a programmed way like every 3 months and some I just need when I’m more unwell. 

For the last year I’ve been trying to get my chicken pox vaccine – I’ve had both chicken pox and shingles with photos to prove it but I haven’t got immunity.. Chicken pox for most isn’t dangerous but with some of my medications the side effects can be pretty serious. 

Everytime I’ve stopped medication I’ve been too unwell to complete the regime so we’ve just taken the risk and been extra careful. 

Today I got my first dose.. Injections are never exciting but today I can’t help but feel it’s a bit of a milestone. It shows that although things aren’t perfect compared to one year ago they’re better, it’s an improvement. 

I think celebrating the small milestones are so important, sometimes the disease all gets a bit much but today even though it was just being well enough for an injections it’s 1 : 0 to me! 

For most getting the vaccine wouldn’t make much difference but it lowers my risks.. I’ll happily try anything that does that! 


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