Simple things 

For the last few weeks or so I’ve had an ongoing infection and it’s been pretty annoying.. I’ve had admissions, antibiotics, procedures etc to try and get rid but no success! 

Yesterday I felt pretty rubbish, I seen the GP and was all classy and threw up in their sink and didn’t freak out when hospital admission was mentioned.. For anyone that knows me it’s a true sign I’m not well. 

I had myself talked into a few days stay, telling myself it would get me sorted in time for London.. I’m a little more complicated than others cause I can’t have anything with penicillin.. This means the antibiotic they use needs a blood test before it to make sure it’s safe. It’s one of the very few that you can’t get in the community so you have to be in hospital.

Well good news was delivered.. I am able to attend as a day patient, although I have  to be in hospital for several hours during the day it means I sleep in my own bed!.. In my mind it’s a win win situation.. 

For some it might not seem like a big deal but for me to avoid any nights in hospital is huge. I would much rather spend my days elsewhere but when you can’t change the situation it’s about appreciating the little things! 


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