Things will get better! 

My last post was a tough one to write, it was the realisation that I was struggling more than I had wanted to admit. There has been a big relief of now having a plan in place.

Since then there has been good news, I have been looking at job opportunities which are exciting and potentially a new chapter!

This week I will also be going on holiday and I am excited! A trip to London had to be cancelled back in June as the recovery from surgery was taking longer than I had expected, we are going to see shows, relax and just enjoy the experience. 

Over the last few months there has been a lot of change, I moved towns, had surgeries and my job ended. Having all these big life factors change and spending so much time in hospital makes you lose a sense of self. I don’t think it’s possible to go through some of those things and come out as the same person. However it is a chance for a new start and explore new opportunities.

I know there will still be bad days, it’s part of life but when things start to fall back into place it’s good to have a sense of excitement about the future. 

The picture below reminds me how far I’ve already come.. The chain of armbands represents the operations, procedures and hospital admissions in the last 6 months. 


2 thoughts on “Things will get better! 

  1. You denscribed that long period of illness and separation from familiar things so well Janette. All I can say is that the title is so correct. Things will gradually get better!. Xx

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