Times are a changin! 

The last few weeks have been gooooood! Although it’s funny how my perspective on good can be different to others, I was asked by a doctor today how things had been, I declared it’s been a really good few weeks (which I feel it has!) and then went on to talk about a minor allergic reaction and some Crohn’s flare symptoms.. they remarked how for most that wouldn’t be deemed ‘good’. In my world I’ve had no hospital appts for over 2 weeks and no ivs for infections for over 3.. after the crazy summer it’s currently a record!! 

Last week I got to go to London and it was AWESOME.. exhausting but great.. we fitted 3 shows into 3 nights and seen some sights, it was a much needed break. When at times life feels consumed with appts, procedures, medication and bad news there is nothing beats getting away from it all for a short time. Check out some London pics below… 

Feeling better and just having a few Crohn’s issues to deal with means I am starting to get back to some kind of normality (whatever that is!). I’m returning to sub teaching again for the first time in 2 years as I have been working in a charity for a while. It’ll be weird and nerve wrecking going into the classroom again as the teacher but it’s kinda exciting too. 

It finally feels like things are looking up, I am also nervous at this stage as I know how quickly things can become difficult again. My hope is some new Crohn’s medication in a few weeks will help me see an even bigger difference. 
But for now I am ready to embrace to big bad world of work once again! Woo! 


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