A blip in the road 

Last week I was ready to conquer the world.. this week I find myself back in hospital with yet another flare up! Yesterday I had the gut feeling (literally 😂) that things weren’t quite right. 

Being allergic to everything and the fact I am in the middle of a chicken pox vaccine makes it very complicated to have a plan. 

I hate hospitals. I know it’s the best place to be when things are flared but it doesn’t make me like it anymore. At the minute I’m counting down the days to start new drugs. 

A blip makes me concerned about my return to work, will I have to postpone it again after just one week? And to be honest I am not quite sure. I am trying to take the attitude of what will be will be. Some days that’s harder than others when the panic sets in. 

After the surgery ordeal a blip isn’t the end of the world. I am finally learning (at last!!) do deal with things quickly, letting them linger on just delays the inevitable. There are better times ahead! 


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