Fresh starts.. 

This time last year I was puking my guts up on a daily basis it was miserable however one of the biggest challenges recently has been coping with my Crohn’s flaring straight after surgery.  

When you’re health is unpredictable and you are in your 20s it doesn’t feel fair, prolonged hospital stays when you are supposed to be enjoying life is frustrating. You lose a sense of self, you aren’t the same person anymore.


I’ve come to realise you can see this as a positive.. it’s an opportunity to have a fresh start, go into a new area of work – try things you’ve always wanted too and explore new avenues. I’ve come to realise that life is short, everything can change in a day but I have learnt what the important things are. 

This last week I’ve pushed myself more than ever.. I ended up working 45 hours in less than a week (this was a little crazy and not recommended as a norm!), I’ve cycled 13 miles and threw myself back into finding a normality. I’ve been working hard to group my medical appointments on the same days, this helps them to stop consuming all my time! 

For the first time in a while I’m excited about the future and have my positivity back.. even though I’ve symptoms everyday – that’s ok! I can still seize opportunities. A few years ago it took little effort to do normal things but some days now it takes a lot of effort to do little things but it just makes me even more determined. 

I’ve got Crohn’s but it ain’t got me! 


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