Just keep swimming..

I’ve thrown myself into work and finding a normality over the last couple of weeks, thankfully I haven’t had many appointments so I feel like I’ve had a bit of freedom! 

I know that I’ve probably worked more hours than I should have, not spent much time resting but I’ve been able to do it! It’s a good thing being tired cause you’ve worked hard instead of the sickness making you tired. However I’ve realised that things that came easy before, now take more time and energy so I have to be more proactive.

Somedays my stomach still hates me and I think I’ll have to ring into work sick but I have been able to push through it. The sense of achievement from working keeps me going. I love it. 

I got to take some time out this week and recharge my batteries. The galgorm is fab! Eating afternoon tea I realised how far I’ve come in a year.. this time last year that wouldn’t have stayed down more than 20 mins! 

I also loved the message they had in the room… 

I still take things one day at a time, I know as things continue to improve and I get my new drugs (9 more days!) I’ll be able to plan a little further ahead. It’s exciting 

At the minute my biggest fear is if I stop I just won’t start again! So you just have to keep swimming! 


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