It’s new drugs day! 

After coming off medication to get the chicken pox vaccine – it’s time to go back on Crohn’s medicine. 

The disease seems to be relentless at the moment and I’ve been in a flare for the whole period I’ve been off meds. I haven’t been able to turn to the trusty steroids so things have been managed with fluids, pain relief, anti sickness and some iron and blood thrown in for good measure. It’s been rough but another milestone complete! 

Getting started on medication is a relief but also unsettling, I’ve not had much success with them in the past. I’ve been allergic or not responded. The fear of an ng tube or another surgery is always there. 

Through the uncertainty you have to keep positive, different drugs work in different ways and maybe this time it’ll just be the right combination. As long as they work and the side effects aren’t too grim that’s all you can hope for! 


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