The tough calls 

Somedays can be a constant reminder that I have a chronic illness and there is no cure. Having multiple appointments in 24 hours is one of those days (my current record is 4 different departments!) 

Others days I go to work and apart from an odd dash to the bathroom I can have a pretty normal life. Sometimes with that normality becomes extreme tiredness, like not the normal I’ve worked a day tired more of a ‘don’t poke the bear kinda tired! 🙈). 

Anyone who knows me will realise I’ve a strong desire to work, I’ve applied for new jobs from hospital, went to interviews within hours of being discharged. Like everyone else I’ve big dreams and loads I want to accomplish.

However sometimes there needs to be a reality check and this week I had one. I was offered a full time job with a 6 month contract.. what more could you want right? 

This is where the tough call came in, the short story is I declined the offer- it is one of the worst feelings but when you realise that all the advice coming from the medical team is don’t work full time you just gotta listen. My dislike of hospitals wins! 

I’m a firm believer in when one door closes another will open.. here’s hoping there is something even bigger and better behind the next door! 


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