Just do it! 

Tomorrow I get to go on holidays woohoo!! 

As excited as I am it does bring some apprehension- it’s the first time we will have been abroad since I took really sick, for the last 18 months we’ve stayed in the safety net of the NHS if we had been travelling. I’m also just getting over a nasty infection and iv antibiotics so that hasn’t helped the travelling nerves!

Things over the last month or so haven’t been that great but as I look on Facebook memories, glimpses of last year are starting to pop up. This day last year I had a consultants appointment, I had an NG tube and it was the day we decided that really my only option for quality of life was surgery. I remember the feeling of panic but relief- I couldn’t keep going much longer. 

Little did I know that day that less than a week later I would have anaphylaxis, one week later be in a&e having vomited up the tube and just 9 days later be admitted for the craziest and roughest 6 weeks of my life! 

When things don’t feel that great its good to remind myself how different things are now and that this time last year I couldn’t have even thought of going on a holiday.

We are travelling on holidays with EasyJet- a big shout out to them as they let you carry a free medical bag (if you have a letter from your doctor). This means there is a chance of me being able to take some clothes as I currently carry the pharmacy with me 🙈. 

As I packed my medical bag today I’ve been reminded to ‘Just Do It.’ 

Long term illness can be a pain in the ass (literally! 😂) but you just have to do it, make plans even if they are short term or just about survival, make the best of situations and take the holidays (with some epic travel insurance!).


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