It keeps on giving! 

Crohn’s disease is known for the affect on your bowel – many think it’s all based around the toilet and while that is partly true it can be so much more as well.

Crohn’s can be the gift that keeps on giving- having a few days of multiple appointments makes you realise just how many different parts of you it affects.

A big one for me has been eyes, I had problems long before I was diagnosed but it seems that was a warning sign, it means I have reduced colour vision and one has vision that can’t be fixed with glasses- you get used to it tho! 

A barrage of appointments across different clinics can be a little overwhelming and tiring. My ultimate goal at the minute is to try and get discharged from as many as possible 😂😂

Today started with a vedolizumab infusion- I’ve decided to start using the time to do things that our relaxing, after all it’s 3 hours you ain’t getting back and it extends some of my Disney appreciation. 

The disease is a rollercoaster, coming from holidays to appointment central is a bit of a reality check and it’s easy to get overwhelmed… maybe it’s time to get the next holiday booked ✈️


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