The month of March 

March is a month I have started to dread coming.. 

March 2015 was my diagnosis date closely followed around 2 weeks later with a bowel perforation and a scary time with sepsis. 

March 2016 fell during my 6 week stay in hospital last year, 2 operations and another run in with sepsis. 

March 2017 hasn’t been quite as dramatic but a week was spent in hospital with a bad flare of Crohn’s and a few very rough days. 

My great granda used to always say if you survive March you’ll be alright for the rest of the year. I think I am working to this theory! 

Although March has brought some rough days and weeks with illness this week has been one of good news! A job opportunity and an offer from a university for a place on a nursing course. 

It’s funny how you get so used to a constant string of bad news and suddenly get a lot of good news it feels surreal and you appreciate it a whole lot more. 

Although I’m still not feeling the best I am more determined than ever to try and get back to some kind of normality- the steroids kicking in too definitely helps 😂. 

Life with illness is unpredictable and brings plenty of frustrations and bad days but it just means you have to celebrate the good news and good days all the more! 👌💪


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