Some kind of normality! 

My blog has been neglected lately but life has been super busy. Some kind of normality has resumed.. 

Five weeks ago I started a full time teaching post, its been tough going especially as I had unplanned hand surgery the day before but it’s been such an accomplishment, something I didn’t imagine I would be doing even a few months ago! 

When life gets busy tiredness kicks in, there has been some tears, tantrums and further hospital admission for a nasty infection but on the most part I’ve been doing really well. 

Last weekend was the Lets Talk Crohn’s and Colitis Night of Appreciation – medical professionals were nominated and given award for the support they have given people with IBD, I was delighted to be able to present my GP with an award on the night. There were other professions there from Derry who has a huge part in my treatment and it was great to see them and thank them personally. People who have saved my live and been there in the worst of it. 

Last weekend and working has made me realise that things are pretty good right now, I get symptoms everyday but I can manage them and it helps to be a little stubborn too! 
There is big plans for this year- I have officially been accepted into queens to do nursing. A career change that I’m very excited about but I’ll be staying in teaching for a few more months yet. 

I haven’t quite worked out what normality is yet but so far I’m liking it! 


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